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Pricing & Fees

Fee Transparency

As fiduciaries operating a fee-only investment advisory firm, we focus on providing impartial and open guidance that suits the unique financial goals of our clients.

We value complete transparency in our pricing and fee structure, which is why we offer access to pricing and fees for financial planning and investment management.

Financial Planning

Starting At

  • Planning fees start at $3,000 for individuals.
  • Planning fees start at $4,000 for couples.
  • Actually fee will be determined after initial consultation based on the complexity of your situation.
Investment Management

Starting At

  • Fee charged on a percentage-tiered rate
  • Fee based on total assets managed
  • Fee covers services such as portfolio design, continuous monitoring, rebalancing, and personalized guidance

Our Fees and Rates​

About our pricing model

At Able Wealth Management, we do not impose any fees based on trading activities or commissions related to managing your investment account. Instead, we utilize an annual investment management fee structure, payable quarterly and calculated according to your account’s average daily balance during the billing period. This balance takes into account any deposits or withdrawals made within that time frame.

To determine the average daily balance, we add up the daily balances for each day of the quarter and divide the sum by the total number of days in the quarter. This approach allows us to establish the market value of your account’s assets, upon which the advisory fee is based.

Our firm employs a percentage “blended” tier fee schedule, meaning that the fee charged on your assets varies depending on which tier your account balance falls into. As your account balance grows, the fee percentage decreases. The annual advisory fees are determined based on the combined value of all household assets.

As a wealth management firm, we use a percentage tiered fee schedule to charge our clients based on the amount of assets under management. This means that the fees we charge are based on a percentage of the total assets that our clients have with us.

Our fee schedule has three tiers based on the amount of assets under management:

Asset Tier LevelRate
$5,000,001 +0.50%

For example, if a client has $800,000 under management with us, we would charge them 1.00% of $800,000, which comes to $8,000 in fees for the year.

If the same client’s assets under management increased to $1,200,000, we would charge them 1.00% on the first $1,000,000 (which comes to $10,000) and then 0.75% on the remaining $200,000 (which comes to $1,500), for a total fee of $11,500 for the year.

Similarly, if a client has $6,000,000 under management, we would charge them 1.00% on the first $1,000,000 (which comes to $10,000), 0.75% on the amount between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000 (which comes to $30,000), and then 0.50% on the remaining $1,000,000 (which comes to $5,000), for a total fee of $45,000 for the year.

Yes, the fee percentage charged on investment accounts decreases as the account balance grows. This means that clients with higher balances will pay a lower percentage of their assets in fees compared to those with lower balances.

At the end of each quarter (March, June, September, and December), we deduct our fees directly from your investment account(s). You don’t need to take any action, and we will never charge any fees if there is no balance in your account.

Our fees are calculated based on the daily balance of the assets under our management. We use this daily balance to determine the market value of the assets on which the advisory fee is based, and the fee is assessed quarterly according to your fee schedule.

Yes, you have the option to pay your investment advisory fees directly instead of having them deducted from your account(s).
There are a few payment options available for financial planning fees. These include making a one-time payment for the entire service upfront, as well as making quarterly or semi-annual payments.Payment can be made by Check, Credit Card, or ACH Payment. Instructions on making your payment will be included with your invoice.Before beginning the financial planning engagment, your initial payment is required.

Our one-off hourly financial planning services start at $250/hour. If you want to learn more about hourly financial planning, contact us for more details.

Financial Planning Fee Calculator

Financial Planning Fee:

Please Note: The Planning Fee calculated above is an estimate and should only be used as a guideline for estimating pricing. The actual fee will be determined after evaluating individual needs and determining the complexity and scope of your situation.

Investment Advisory Fee Calculator

Fee Rate: %

Annual Fee: $

The information provided by this calculator is intended for illustrative purposes only. The calculator estimates fees based on your inputs; actual fees are determined based on various factors. The calculator does not consider all these variables and may not accurately reflect the fees you will be charged. By using this calculator, you acknowledge and agree that Able Wealth Management is not responsible for any errors or omissions or the results obtained from using this calculator. Use of this calculator does not constitute a client-advisor relationship between you and Able Wealth Management.

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